PCN has contributed to electronics society
in the field of current control and high power.

PCN with its main products, Precision Resistors has taken part in development in the forefront of electronics industry all the time since PCN was established in 1977.
Precision Shunt Resistors which we started to sell in 1986 has made a remarkable progress technically with the spread of demand in the market.
We have already succeeded in mass production of 0.1m Precision Shunt resistors, which brought current sensing to light loss, high efficiency and good stability, so they have much contributed to technical innovation in automobile, robot and the like that need current control.
We show you the only standard products in the home page, but we are ready for the most suitable custom products for customer's needs. So please feel free to contact us.

PCN Corporation


Yasuharu Miyazaki(Mr.)
 Managing Director:
Minoru Masuda(Mr.)
Senior Managing Director:
Toshinori Kitakami(Mr.)




Head office (Manufucturing Plant&Laboratory)
107-1, Miyagawa, Sado-Shi,
Niigata-Pref., Japan 952-0212
Sagamihara Business Office
4-13-17,Sagamihara, Chuo-ku,Sagamihara-shi,
Kanagawa-Pref., Japan 252-0231
Phone: +81-42-776-0931
Fax: +81-42-776-0940
d-mail: sales@pcn.co.jp


*Wire-Wound Chip Resistors (SW/SWN Series)
*Power Type Metal Clad Wire-Wound Resitors (RH/SHE/SHL Series)
*Precision Shunt Chip Resistors for Modularized Circuit (Type PMA,PMB,PMU)
*Isa-Plan Precision Shunt Chip resistors (Type SMV,SMR,SMK,SMS,SMT,SMH)
*Isa-Plan Precision Shunt Resistors (Type RUG-Z)
*Isa-Plan Shunt Resistors (Type PBV,PBH)
*High Power Type Metal Clad Wire-Wound Resistors (IRH/IRV/IRF Series)
*Precision Type Metal Clad Resistors (RH/RHF/ Series)
*Hermetically-Sealed Type Super Precision Wire-Wound Resistors (PH Series)
*Super Precision Wire-Wound Resistors (T Series)
*Precision Wire-Wound Resistors (C Series)
*Power Type Silicon Mold Wire-Wound Resistors (HM/HMF Series)
*Power Type Encapsulated Wire-Wound Resistors (M/RFM Series)
*Flame-Proof Coat-Insulated Wire-Wound Resistors (HS/NHS Series)
*Power Type Cement Wire-Wound Resistors (XXL/ML/PL Series)
*Test Resistors (5340 Series)